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Where to spend your money when buying a home theater?

You are finally going to finish that basement that has been just sitting there for all these years.  You want to turn that scary dungeon into a theater that will rival your local cinema.  You want to be able to watch "Cars" with your boy and see his eyes and ears perk up when the THX intro fills the room with light and sound.  You are ready to pull the trigger but you don't know where to focus your hard earned cash.  This is a question that a lot of people have and you might be surprised on what the answer is....

Speakers, Screens, Amplifiers and Remotes...

Wait, not the projector?  Not the processor?  Not the cables?  No!  If you have to decide between going with a down grade on your audio processor (receiver) or your amplifier, you get the less impressive processor.  Here's why.

Speakers and Amplifiers:  A good one of these 50 years a go, is still good today.  If you spend a good chunk of your coin on these two items you will have years of high end sound no matter what source you are plugging into them!

Screens:  This is what you are seeing!  A good screen can make a OK projector look fantastic (Once Calibrated).  But A good projector can look horrible on an OK screen.  Remember that you are watching the images reflected of the screen, not the projector!

Remotes:  This is what you will be using the most!  Spend the cash and get a good universal remote and most importantly, get it programmed by a pro!  This will save you (and your family) many headaches.  And it will ensure that everyone in the family can actually operate and enjoy the system!

Now you have your Home Theater installed and you ready to watch your first movie with the fam......WAIT!  Make sure to have it calibrated!  Have the display calibrated by an ISF certified calibrator.  Have the surround sound calibrated by a HAA certified calibrator.  This will ensure that you are getting the absolute best video and audio that your system can produce.  A calibrated system that cost $10k can blow away an uncalibrated system that cost 10 times as much!  

It doesn't matter if you are a DIYer or you are going to hire someone to design and install your Home Theater.  If you remember where to spend your money your chances of being happy with your system increases exponentially.  As always, we are here at JBM Audio to answer any questions you might have.  Enhancing Reality Through Home Theater!!!
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Captain America Trailer

JBM Audio Recommended Movies

All of this films are in theaters right now and have been seen by someone at JBM Audio.  We would really like here your opinion on these if you decide to see them! To be included in our recommend list, the film has to be a B- or better!

Captain America

Change Up

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Cowboys and Aliens

Friends with Benifits
Calibration Special until Notre Dame  /  Michigan

Display Calibration Special is Still On!

JBM Audio's college football kick off special is still a go!  You have until the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame step foot in to the Big House of the Michigan Wolverines under the lights for the first time.  Schedule a display calibration before that historic day and get $75 off the normal price!  A full calibration to ISF specs for only $200!

Because we are getting so many requests for this deal, we tweaked it.  You have to get it SCHEDULED before the big game, not have it done.  As long as you are on the books by kick off, you get the special price!  

Contact Us today to get your scheduled!  

Find out why you should calibrate your display at least once a year.  Click Here!


Statistic ND UM
Games played 38
Wins 15 22
Home wins 8 12
Road wins 7 9
Neutral site wins 0 1
Consecutive wins 4 (1987–1990) 8 (1887–1908)
Total points scored in the series 637 802
Most points scored in a game by one team in a win 36 (1998) 47 (2006)
Most points scored in a game by both teams 72 (2009 – UM 38, ND 34)
Most points scored in a game by one team in a loss 34 (2009) 27 (1980)
Fewest points scored in a game by both teams 7 (1900 – UM 7, ND 0)
Fewest points scored in a game by one team in a win 11 (1909) 7 (1900)
Largest margin of victory 23 (1943) 38 (2003, 2007)
Smallest margin of victory 2 (1979, 1988, 2002)      1 (1986)     


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